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How we measure social impact

Microfinance is often touted as a double bottom-line activity, where microfinance institutions can earn a profit and at the same time have a positive social impact on their clients. While the financial bottom line is well measured and understood, exactly how lives are improved, or socially impacted, is not always so clear. FINCA created its own specific, comprehensive tool for measuring social impact, by which we will be able to assess outreach and measure change—and improvements— over time. We will use the following indicators to measure lifestyle and livelihood improvements:

Expanded access to financial services, primarily among underserved, low-income people and communities

Hermilia and her husband had been unable to access capital to build their jewelry business. With a FINCA loan, they have begun crafting their own designs.

Increased income and improved living standards

Margarette has expanded her two businesses and hired an employee, bought a small house in Port-au-Prince so her children can attend a better high school, and purchased a plot of land and two cows.

Empowering our clients and helping them to achieve their personal aspirations

Roqia is proud that her business allows her to provide better, more nutritious foods for her brothers and sisters.

Acting responsibly and equitably towards all stakeholders,
and the communities of which we are a part

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our
clients so that they can build successful businesses while
ensuring they are protected from unnecessary risks.

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