FINCA’s microfinance program — FINCA Impact Finance — is a network of 20 microfinance institutions and banks that provide responsible financial services that enable low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in their future.

As a pioneer in delivering loans and offering savings and other financial services in some of the most remote markets in the world, FINCA empowers people to start their own businesses, create jobs and improve theirquality of life.


Group Loans

FINCA’s Village Banking and small group loans are targeted to very low-income entrepreneurs with the smallest enterprises, where group members provide a guarantee for each other.

Individual Business Loans

Larger loan sizes and more flexible terms help entrepreneurs continue to grow their businesses and generate jobs.

Agriculture Loans

These loans let rural clients purchase seeds, fertilizer, livestock and equipment when they are needed and repay the principal when the harvest comes in.


Credit, disability and funeral insurance help reduce the financial stress of meeting major or unexpected expenses.

Money Transfers

FINCA clients have a safe and affordable way to receive and send money for business and personal purposes, giving them more free time to spend on their growing businesses.

Energy Loans

Clients can purchase or lease clean electricity systems or products for use at home or to improve their small businesses. The systems also improve health and safety by eliminating the use of kerosene or charcoal.

Savings accounts

Savings help clients build a cushion against hard times. They can also serve as a nest egg for education, medical care, major life milestones, old age, business expansion and other long-term goals.

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