Our microfinance institutions aim to have a positive social impact on the people we serve while also being financially sustainable.

FINCA created our own specific, comprehensive tool for measuring social impact, which enables us to assess outreach and measure change—and improvements— over time.

We are committed to excellence and invest in research and development for two main reasons:

  • Impact. We conduct monitoring and evaluation studies to track the impact of FINCA’s services on the lives of our clients and their families and communities;
  • Innovation. We invest in exploratory research to help develop innovative technologies, products and distribution methods to reach more people in need, while improving client protection standards.

Impact Research

Our research platform includes a digital solution to collect data. It uses tablets to collect client responses to standardized questions and map the geolocation of our points of sale. Our platform was developed to ensure data is credible, accurate and representative of the people we serve.

Customer Research

FINCA has always been dedicated to finding new and better ways to improve our clients’ lives. We are leading the way as a truly responsible microfinance institution committed to putting clients first. For over 10 years, we have been working with clients to gather information about their lives across multiple dimensions—their businesses, home lives, and experiences with FINCA.

All this information helps FINCA to better understand the needs of our clients, and make decisions about how to best serve them, including the products and services they require to succeed and to improve their standard of living.

Innovation Research

FINCA is always looking to improve our services and devise new ways to fulfill our mission. We carefully identify clients’ needs, and then we explore solutions that are sustainable and scalable.

Some solutions make it easier for customers to do business, such as mobile phone banking. Others, such as insurance, strengthen the safety net that helps keep families out of poverty.


FINCA UK is the working name of The Foundation for International Community Assistance (UK), a company limited by guarantee under company number 06717649. FINCA UK is a registered charity in England and Wales under registration number 1127778. Address: Hill House, 1 Little New Street, London EC4A 3TR
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