FINCA is a leading international Microfinance Institution offering financial services and products to small scale businesses that have been turned down by traditional banks, so that these businesses can start, grow, and diversify with resulting increases in family income, nutrition, employment and well-being.

FINCA pioneered the “Village Banking method” of credit delivery, now used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. Our programs reach low-income people in more diverse countries than any other microfinance provider. We operate subsidiaries on five continents, serving over one and a half million people. Our work enables low-income families to create their own solutions to progress.

FINCA is not a typical charity. Although we are a nonprofit, we operate using sound business principles and an entrepreneurial spirit. We have developed a very innovative organizational structure that set a new standard for the microfinance industry which allows us to mobilize private and commercial capital while keeping true to our mission. We deliver a real “double bottom line” that couples positive social impact with financial sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to combat poverty by creating employment, raising family incomes and reducing poverty world-wide.

FINCA’s organizational structure comprises two entities:

  • A non-profit organization, FINCA International, Inc. and, a
  • A holding company, FINCA Microfinance Holding Company LLC (FMH)

The non-profit entity ensures FINCA’s continued focus on the FINCA mission and raises funds to further its financial inclusion efforts while promoting other economic and social programs that enhance the lives of its clients. The non-profit also carries out demographic, market, and social research that allows us to better understand and measure benefits to clients.

FMH manages the delivery of services to clients and is comprised of like-minded investors who share FINCA’s mission of providing financial services to low-income entrepreneurs so they can increase their incomes, employment, and standard of living while offering a fair financial return to investors which is further enhanced by a “social return” based on the benefits accruing to our clients.

FINCA UK is the working name of The Foundation for International Community Assistance (UK), a company limited by guarantee under company number 06717649. FINCA UK is a registered charity in England and Wales under registration number 1127778. Address: Hill House, 1 Little New Street, London EC4A 3TR
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