Private-sector Partners

To sustain profound and lasting impact in the fight against poverty, FINCA International is fortunate to have strong partners who share our commitment to building brighter futures through financial inclusion.

To discuss ways that your company or foundation can support FINCA, please contact Alison Boess at or 623-707-3149.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse
Through financial support, staff secondment and visionary leadership, Credit Suisse is helping FINCA International empower employees worldwide to deliver on FINCA’s mission every day. Additionally, our partnership with Credit Suisse enables FINCA to develop customer-centric products that better meet client needs, including a new undertaking to explore new agricultural services.

In 2012 Credit Suisse sent a video crew to Malawi to document the program, and has provided us with a brilliant overview of the impact of FINCA’s small loans in this most challenging environment. Watch the video here >>

Mastercard Foundation
Mastercard Foundation and FINCA Canada are working to scale-up financial inclusion in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.  Through this partnership, underserved communities across Africa will benefit from new products and delivery channels designed to meet their needs. This support is enabling staff training and the inclusion of social performance metrics into every aspect of FINCA’s operations, while also improving our ability to serve clients with a complete range of financial services. Read more about the partnership >>

Mastercard WorldWide
MasterCard WorldWide
MasterCard Worldwide partnered with FINCA in Nigeria to help establish our newest subsidiary and develop a branchless banking operation, enabling a
more rapid, efficient expansion of operations across the country.

Whole Planet Foundation
Whole Planet Foundation
Through the Whole Planet Foundation’s provision of interest-free loan capital, FINCA has been able to more cost-effectively expand outreach in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Several thousand borrowers in Likasi and Kolwezi now have access to microloans thanks to this partnership.


FINCA UK and WildHearts have partnered to provide grants and loans to FINCA’s operations in the poorest communities of Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and Latin America.

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